Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stop punishing the banks - they ain't all bad!

wow the budget is over...and we were all thrilled! Thrilled to find out we are not paying 3% more for everything...that will seriously affect the purchasing of large goods. Can't see many cars being bought from now on. It is quite dull though isn't it, the budget. Its economics, and we don't want to know about that...we want to see political squabbling. Which is exactly what Harriet Harman gave us, a quality session from her!

My one problem with the bloody thing is that no-one in politics is talking about free market. Shouldn't that discussion take place? It is all about blaming the banks at the moment! Blame the banks, blame the bankers! Blame yourselves! The thing is, we saved Northern Rock and others when obviously they had failed in the market, and then we tax them loads in order to punish them for this. But banks like Barclays who always remained strong get tarred with that brush too. They didn't hurt us in any way. If we had of let Northern Rock go bust and allowed the market leave us with only the top notch banks, such as Barclays, then we would not have to punish the banks but instead allow them to drag us back into prosperity.

I dare you to tell me why I am wrong...

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